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Home Of Premium & High-Quality Haylage

12.22.2018 · Posted in Services

Equibale, Swanmoor, Harracott
Barnstaple, Devon, EX31 3LG
United Kingdom
Phone: 01271532300

Home Of Premium & High-Quality Haylage

The Most Trustable & Reliable Haylage Supplier

Equibale is a pride supplier of the best quality haylage for the horses at very reasonable prices. We offer a variety of range of haylage including ryegrass, timothy haylage and meadow mix, each of which grown from carefully selected grasses to give the best quality product that your horses like to eat.

We inspire to produce good quality haylage that helps in maintaining the health and fitness of horses and ponies. All types of haylage made from a selection of grasses, perfect for horses of all types of breeds.

Their highly experienced, dedicated and professional staff work hard to grow the most useful and nutritious haylage grass to fulfill the requirements of their regular customers. They use the latest techniques and equipment to effortlessly produce and deliver thousands and thousands of bales every year to mostly repeat customers.

Getting good quality haylage for horses is becoming harder to find as nowadays many farmers use modern farming practices include multiple applications of chemical fertilizers and herbicides, which results in producing more quantity, but do not necessarily produce high-grade quality haylage. But there are some horse food producers and suppliers which use eco-friendly productive techniques to grow the best quality haylage for horses. You can order and purchase haylage from them at reasonable prices.

Equibale is the large and trustable producer and supplier of all kinds of haylage which are ideal for keeping on weight and encouraging poor eaters. Their haylage is perfect for horses involved in doing hard work, sports, and various competition, help in gaining health and fitness that surely keep the horse at the top of their game. The quality of haylage is unmatchable. They ensure all their products are totally clean and dustfree.

If you are also interested in buying good quality haylage for your horses, visit, where you can quickly get any kind of haylage at very affordable prices.

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