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A House Of Bespoke Designer Tiles & Natural Stones

01.02.2019 · Posted in Home And Garden

Stonix – Stone & Porcelain Specialist
Studio House,  Delamare Road
Cheshunt, EN8 9SH
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 Great Collection of Onyx Tiles

Stonix is the leading stone contractor offering a wide range of products for floor, wall and work surfaces. They also offer the finest classic and exotic stones to beautifully design your perfect space.

Stonix is stone specialists & designers, having a team of technical expertise which creates the most innovative and unique designs of tiles. They pay attention to each of the small detail in order to create flawless and finest final finishing product. They are the best-known company for offering the latest advancement in tile design and manufacturing.

Tiles are the most convenient and cost-effective flooring choice used in building houses and other commercial structures. Tiles are not only used for flooring, but they are also used for walls. The best part of tiles is these are environmentally friendly too. Tiles are made from natural stone or man-made materials. In the process of manufacturing of tiles, no heavy chemicals, and harmful substances are used. They also have a long lifespan compared to other flooring options. There different kinds of tiles are available in the market. Tiles come in different shape, colors, materials, and styles. You can choose any of your choices. The most common tiles are ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, mosaic, natural stone tile, marble tile, granite tile and many more. Onyx tiles are the also one of the famous tiles gives excellent looks to your space. You can purchase tiles from any reputed store.

Stonix offers the widest range of wall tiles, floor tiles that transform your houses and commercial buildings into a beautiful and inspiring place. Their exclusive collection of onyx tiles is unmatchable. You can get easily get onyx slabs of any color or design for your wall design at their store. Their professional and helpful staff love to serve and advice customers in choosing the best tiles for their home. Get started to redesign your home with the high-quality and most excellent tiles. For more information visit

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